Organizer’s memo: 10 PlanFête tips



Do you know that feeling when you leave the house and it feel like you’ve forgotten something? Keys? Phone? Wallet? Everything’s in place. However, you suddenly realise that you haven’t locked the door. A familiar feeling huh? Whether you are a professional Fète planner or organising an event for the first time, you may skip an important detail.

As such, we’d like to present you with a list of the most common mistakes made by Fête organisers: make sure you think them through:

  1. Informing guests when the circumstances of the event change. If you communicate with your guests through different communication channels, in case of changes of event circumstances, do not forget to share the information with guests through the relevant media channel. Also, make sure your guests have received the information.
  2. Know your guest’s nutritional needs. If you provide food and beverages during the Fète, ask guests about allergies, intolerable products and make sure they are appropriate for their dietary needs. Additionally, if you are planning a buffet, prepare allergen and nutritional information cards. P.s. don’t forget to look out for the empty bowls.
  3. Prepare an emergency kit. You may be surprised, but a missing extension cord, scissors sellotape and even Ibuprofen can cause a lot of stress before and during the Fète. Make a list of the emergency kit according to the type of Fète and take care of these supplies.
  4. Getting acquainted with the environment and amenities. Upon arrival, guests should familiarise themselves with the environment, be able to easily connect to WiFi and know where the bathroom, drinks and snacks and the place to charge their phones are.
  5. Guests’ distribution plan. Arrange snacks and drinks in the space to avoid excessive crowding.
  6. Music and audio equipment. Don’t forget to think about the theme of your party and tailor the appropriate playlist. Make sure there are no ads between the songs you play – perhaps you may need to renew your Spotify subscription. Don’t be afraid to change the playlist if the mood of the event changes.
  7. Weather. When you plan a Fète in advance, unforeseen changes in weather conditions may happen and cause a huge stress. Make sure guests can go under umbrellas or inside if it starts to rain and have blankets if the wind blows.
  8. A place to put outdoor clothes and personal items. Make sure guests know where to put their jackets and personal items and have easy access to them if they forget anything.
  9. Parking and transportation. Before guests arrive, find out what transportation they will use to arrive and that there are enough parking spaces around. If guests choose public transport, CityBee or Spark services, please inform them of the nearest stops.
  10. Program. If your Fète guests know each other little, arrange fun activities through which they can learn each other’s names, break the ice and start interesting conversations.

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